Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Art of Mindful Reading Review .@QuartoKnows

The Art of Mindful Reading
Embracing the Wisdom of Words Author: Ella Berthoud
The Art of Mindful Reading
The healing power of reading has been renowned since Aristotle; focus, flow and enlightenment can all be discovered through this universal act.

The Art of Mindful Reading embraces the joy of absorbing words on a page, encouraging a state of mind as deeply therapeutic and vital to our wellbeing as breathing.

Bibliotherapist Ella Berthoud asks if reading is our daily nourishment how best should it be consumed? How should you read mindfully? And why will reading mindfully help you to read better?

She explores how reading mindfully can shape the person you are, give you your moral backbone, and teaches empathy with others. Through meditative exercises, engaging anecdote, and expert insight, she reveals the enriching potential of reading for mindfulness.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- I like the tips and ideas presented in this rather long but great book.   You are not just reading and walking away from it because of the fun tips provided that you can try during the day to boost your mind.  Perfect for anyone that is willing to work on the exercises or just need to be more aware.

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