Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Mother’s Day Must-Have The Perfect Product for Busy Moms with Pets .@EnduraFlap

 Endura Flap, a leading creator of high quality, all-weather pet doors, keeps your pet happy and your home free of unwanted accidents – a must-have for busy moms with pets.  
Endura Flap makes your home more efficient and keeps out the messes furry friends can cause – the perfect solution for moms in a hurry. 

The Award winning Endura Flap® Pet Door for Doors utilizes the best pet door flap ever made. 

Best energy efficient pet door for extreme cold or hot weather
Single or double flap options available to suit you and your pet door needs
Complete magnetic seal to resist winds up to 50mph

Endura Flap® Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door
I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- I love the look and size of this pet door.  It is constructed well and has easy to understand pamphlets included.  This is going to be a wonderful alternative to losing sleep at night because my newest shelter rescue is over 75 lbs and can not open doors, but all of the fur babies can get in and out.  You do have to be especially cautious around children, but they do have a seperate locking cover when not in use.  They have great color and size choices to fit your needs. 

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