Saturday, April 20, 2019

t's About Time by Valorie Burton Review

It's About Time: The Art of Choosing the Meaningful Over the Urgent
by Valorie Burton
Discover the eternal value of your finite time—and intentionally choose the meaningful over the urgent every single day.

Our culture makes it so that even the most organized and efficient among us feels the pressure of the ticking clock and the possibility and regret of missing out. Modern life has evolved in a way that sets us up for stress, pressure, and overload. New norms and attitudes tap into deeply-wired psychological impulses that make it harder than ever to take control of your time. Many of us also have innate personality traits that make the struggle even worse.

No wonder time can become a tyrant that leaves us chronically stressed and discontented. Unlock an approach to life that bestselling author Valorie Burton calls “living timelessly.” You will come to understand

1) the gradual changes that have led us to a place where having too much to do and too little time to do it is the norm,

2) the vision for what it could look like if you were free from the stress of time and how to blast through the obstacles to those possibilities, and

3) the practical steps to choosing the meaningful over the urgent so that your life is unhurried yet purposeful and reflects the values and impact that are unique to you.

It’s About Time helps you reimagine a life that is meaningful, at a pace that is natural, with a load that is doable and equips you with the tools to make it happen.

I received a complimentary copy.

About the Author | Valorie Burton

Valorie Burton is a well-published and best-selling author who helps readers find joy and resilience while navigating the challenges of modern life. She is founder of the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and has written a dozen books on personal development. Her unique combination of research, faith, and personal transparency inspires action and delivers practical tools to find fulfillment and purpose in work and life. She is a frequent guest on the Today Show, with appearances on Dr. Oz, CNN and NPR as well as a contributor to Essence, O Magazine.

Cassandra's Review-  I have always been really good about time management, but there are some days in my older years when I can never find enough time.   As a single mom raising kids with no outside help at all it can be stressing to the max and when you add homeschool, college and teen driving it can be downright overwhelming. 

I also have to factor in trying to constantly find enough work just to keep the house afloat with my single income.  Did mention most of the kids have special needs?   Lastly the pets that I have rescued all constantly have needs that I meet.  

 I refuse to be held back and a book like this inspires, gives a bit of light in the way of a dark few moments and help to rebuild sanity.  Now as for me most of my problems can be solved with money, others might need so much more.  I always put my family first.  I hope you have enough time to read this book because it will bring much more than a few pages of someone giving you what they think you need.  

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