Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Shot Caller By Casey Diaz with Mike Yorkey Review

The Shot Caller
A Latino Gangbanger's Miraculous Escape from a Life of Violence to a New Life in Christ
By Casey Diaz with Mike Yorkey
The son of El Salvadorian immigrants, Casey Diaz was brought to Los Angeles at the age of two. An abusive, impoverished family life propelled Casey at only eleven years of age into the Rockwood Street Locos gang. Casey was willing to do anything to be number one, but years of chasing rival gang members led to a dramatic ambush and arrest by the LAPD.

At just sixteen, Casey was sentenced to more than twelve years in solitary confinement in California’s toughest prison as one of the state’s most violent offenders. He thought his life was over.

Yet, when a determined elderly woman paid Casey a visit, a whole new world of possibilities began to unfold. Casey scoffed as she quietly insisted God was going to use him. As the days in solitary wore on, Casey realized Someone else was calling the shots. What happened next can only be described as a miracle.

Perfect for:

People who believe they’re too far gone
Parents who want to keep their kids out of gangs – what are the warning signs
Social workers who interact with at-risk youth
Those looking for a gritty, informed perspective on LA street gangs and gang culture

A visceral insider’s look at the violent world of gangs and prison life, The Shot Caller is a remarkable demonstration of God’s reckless, unending grace and His desire to reach even the worst of sinners—no matter where they are.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- When you feel like you have no more options and you find God. It can be the best and most blessed time and it can save you from the darkest hours of life.  Most people hit complete rock bottom before getting into religion and some are born into it.   Following this telling and open story gives a new avenue for prisoners or people who are hurting a better option and bigger path. 

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