Thursday, April 18, 2019

Daring to Believe By Amy Gray-Cunningham Review .@AmyCunnningham1

Daring to Believe
A Memoir of a Living Kidney Donor

NOW available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!

Also, available for purchase at Park Road Books in Charlotte, NC.

As a living kidney donor, Daring to Believe chronicles Amy’s journey throughout the entire kidney donation process. It’s a resource for other potential living donors and family members about what to expect when donating a kidney.

Daring to Believe is also an inspirational story about following God’s calling in your life even when everything seems impossible.

What might you be called to do if you only dared to believe?

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  Not only does this amazing person give her organ, but she does what most people would never even bother to think of doing and that is giving life to a stranger.  Of course it is easy for anyone to say that they would give an organ to a loved one and especially their own child, but imagine just a perfect stranger in your life.  I know in my heart I would not even conceive of such a thing unless my kids were in need.   The book takes you through moments that are truth and feelings that are so real you can immerse yourself in the pages.  You are getting a resource and a life changing story all in one book. 

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