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If you have not yet met the newest member of my forever family, here is Tangy she is 11 yrs old and has been with is just a month and a half, but I am sure she is going to have the best life now that she has been rescued from our local kill shelter where she was held for over 9 months waiting for a home.  She is an amazing borador and loves to try new things.  
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I received complimentary product.  

Bella Roma Travel Bowl and DinerWhether you are going around the corner or around the world, Bella Roma Travel Bowls and Diners are the ULTIMATE bowl for the pet and pet-parent on-the-go. Patent pending designs feature integrated locking lids to store food* and built in legs to support the bowl/diner, preventing unwanted collapse while your pet is feeding or drinking. Bella Roma Travel Bowls and Diners are dishwasher safe, plus the bowl portions are made of flexible BPA-free silicone. They are not only light weight but they pack flat and can be hung from a backpack, purse, belt loop or even leash using the FREE carabiner.
*Lid is not water tight. Not meant to store liquids or foods with gravy.
Ora-Bone Dental Treats for Dogs - details
Patent pending Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs was designed to do dental BETTER. THREE breath freshening ingredients (mint, parsley & chlorophyll) fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut, while Ora-Bone’s unique design has up to TWO TIMES the cleaning surface area of similar products! What’s more, Ora-Bone is MADE IN THE USA! Available in zipper bags.

Dental features on EVERY surface
Center bulb cleans behind front teeth, roof of mouth and tongue
Stepped, tapered ribs wrap around both sides of the entire bone
Ribs from teeth-fitting channels for more effective cleaning
Ribs/Channels promote movement in your pet’s mouth, increasing cleaning and breath-freshening effectiveness
Nibs, around the heart-shaped ends, massage gums and scrape tongue for fresher breath

Also available in boxes of individually wrapped Ora-Bones. Comes in 3 sizes for any size dog.

Small – for dogs 5-20 lbs.
Medium – for dogs 21-50 lbs.
Large – for dogs 51 lbs. or more

Cassandra's review-  I would have liked to see more pet friendly ingredients in the Ora-Bone and not really the toxic choices.  I am more selective with what goes into my pets. The bowls are a great size but I would have to probably find the larger size for Tangy, she can eat or drink out of the medium sized one, but does make a mess.  The medium size bowl is great for my cats and I do wish that they lids that kept the water sealed tight in case we have to move around but do not have more water to fill them.   

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