Saturday, March 09, 2019

Oxyfresh Dental products for People and Pets

Oxyfresh pioneered the first line of dental products to be Alcohol Free – while providing powerful technology to clean your teeth and mouth, whiten your teeth, freshen your breath and provide cavity protection – all without the harsh alcohol.

Oxyfresh products are naturally safe and environmentally friendly for people and pets and offer a lineup of
Low Abrasion Toothpaste
Alcohol Free Mouthwash
Sensitivity Tooth Gels
Pet Dental products
Oxyfresh - Maximum fresh breath Lemon-Mint toothpaste contains a patented Oxygene and zinc formula that eliminates bad breath.
Backed by scientific research and clinical studies, our professional-grade dental products are second to none when it comes to fresh breath and helping to create healthier teeth and gums. The secret is Oxygene®, a powerful ingredient that safely and effectively neutralizes the cellular debris and toxins that cause bad breath, contribute to an unhealthy smile, and can ultimately lead to dental disease. We went a step further and left out burning alcohols that dry tissues, harsh abrasives that wear enamel and cosmetic work, and colored dyes that stain. We are proud to say we are dye free, alcohol free, low abrasion, and we have other key ingredients like zinc, aloe and essential oils, all to help deliver a healthier smile.

Winner of a 2019 Family Choice Award

Prices start at $15 dollars and go up to $60 for Gallon-sized mouth washes.

Available at Walmart, Costco, Amazon and to name a few.

I received complimentary product.  

Cassandra's review- With more natural ingredients inside the products, the taste is very nice and the feel of clean is very pure.  I am interested in the pet line as well just pay attention to the labels because you do not want your dog to have xylitol which is in some of the people product.   

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