Saturday, January 12, 2019

Healthy Foods on a Budget

Lately I have been noticing more and more chemicals in foods.  Most people do not bother to read ingredients and assume that if they are on the grocery store shelves and labeled they must be really good for you.  Another thing I am seeing is a lot of sugar free or low fat foods, that are not necessarily good for you either because of the added chemicals.  I also have a super tight food budget and most of the foods I would have still been buying would have been out of necessity to feed my larger family, but I had not really known the hazards of them or how the affect weight and intolerances.

At any rate here are a few of the current foods that I am buying to help keep my family healthy, and even though I am sharing them with you, please note I am not a doctor or dietician nor do I know exactly what your  food intolerances are.   Other then researching labels and trial and error which is how I am buying.

I really did not like certain foods when I was little so I usually do not even bother to try them again as I am older, but I do now because I did not realize that your taste change as you grow and also for some people you may not even be allergic to certain foods that you were as a child, although I would not recommend trying them unless it was just like a mild allergy or with the help of a doctor.

Fruits are great in moderation and can also be used for a dessert or even a small side dish to a meal.

Tahini is an ingredient I found out about when trying hummus and it is really good while also being a more healthy option.

While I do not eat seafood, there are some really good options out there so I am going to include that as a choice for healthy eating, but I do know to pay attention to mercury levels and of course for bones.

Nuts can be healthy for some people, but consider creating your own nut butters for a healthier option, of course it a bit time consuming and also can be a bit pricey.  Always check the labels for hidden ingredients and things you may never have even known were included and look up bigger words instead of just buying what is on sale.

Chickpeas are great for meal add ons and also because I am no longer buying potatoes, rice or flour.  They can be used for making everything from hummus to brownies.

If it is meat or vegetables without a label I do assume they are more healthy, but in today's world one can never be too sure.  If you find any of my foods to be unhealthy option please feel free to leave me a comment and also if you have any ideas for me to try.  A tip to include would be to check out places like butcher shop Sarasota where you can buy online or ask questions to find out more about the healthier food options.


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