Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hair Turban Robe and Manicure Saver Review

Lifelong entrepreneur and inventor knew that it was time to re-design and reinvent the robe for women.  The result is the Hair Turban Robe.

The robe, or dressing gown, came to the western world from the East sometime in the 1700s. It has remained essentially unchanged until now.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.42.28 PM.png
“I was always looking for my turban right before I jumped in the shower,” says inventor Kelly Brown. “Or sometimes I would have to use a big bulky towel to wrap up my hair. Nothing ever worked very well.” No more lost turbans and no more the weight of a big bulky towel with Hair Turban Robe. 

Kelly’s struggles led her to invent the Hair Turban Robe. It is the one and only robe on the market that has a built-in turban. 

The Hair Turban Robe is great for getting out of the shower, getting out of the pool, lounging around the house or using at the gym.  The turban keeps hair away from the face while applying makeup or completing a skincare regimen.

The Hair Turban Robe LTE is constructed of a light-weight waffle material, making it breathable and lightweight but still absorbent.  The LTE is comfortable and is perfect for warmer days.  The advantage of waffle is its unique softness.

The Hair Turban Robe LUX is constructed from 100% cotton terry cloth. It is extremely comfortable and great for colder days.  The LUX is ultra soft, super fluffy and perfectly oversized. 

Cassandra Review-  I really like how comfortable and easy it was to wear.  It has a long enough hood so that many different lengths of hair can fit.   It did absorb the water without drenching me and it can be also use to lounge around in if you want. 

I received complimentary product. 

Also Check out the Manicure SaverManna_Saver2.png
 Keep your manicure intact while removing polish from your toenails by using The Manicure Saver.

The Manicure Saver keeps your hands out of the acetone and other harsh chemicals.

The Manicure Saver holds the saturated cotton to remove polish from fingers and toes while protecting your manicure. 

Cassandra's review -  A great way to easily hold your cotton ball and not have to touch the nail polish remover. 

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