Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Celebrate National Puzzle Day January 29th with Highlights

Known for iconic Hidden Pictures™ and the kid-favorite Puzzlemania® series, Highlights is one of the first names in American puzzling. Speaking of Hidden Pictures, did you know the company has developed nearly 10,000 of them in its 73-year history, with more than 100 design variations on the banana alone? More Highlights Hidden Pictures Fun Facts:

Hidden Pictures puzzles first appeared in June of 1946 and has appeared in every issue since
The top three most hidden objects are: toothbrush, pencil and banana
Total number of toothbrushes hidden since 1946: 2,417…and counting
More than 600 artists have created Hidden Pictures puzzles for Highlights
Objects hidden 500+ times: crescent moon, pizza slice, feather
More than 100 million objects hidden objects found in the Hidden Pictures app
More than 115,000 objects hidden in the nearly 10,0000 Hidden Pictures puzzles
Most unique items ever hidden: fairy princess, harp, vacuum cleaner, can opener, safety razor

I received complimentary copies.

Secret Hidden Pictures Puzzles ($9.99, 6+) – A brand new and magical approach to Hidden

Pictures®:  color-reveal technology!  This red-on-blue puzzle collection comes with a seek-and-find wand, made of curdy cardstock with a plastic lens and shaped like a magnifying glass, that kids will use to discover amazing scenes and reveal over 1,000 hidden object.  Every puzzle is a mystery until the lens uncovers the curiosities underneath; children will become Hidden Pictures puzzle detectives by using clues to help locate the hidden objects, while the easy-to-use and simple-to-store wand (that is housed in an envelope inside-the-front-cover of the book) adds more play value to Highlights’ signature puzzle. 

Photo Puzzlemania ($12.99, 6+) – Puzzle fans of all ages will be wowed by this stylish, exquisitely crafted and truly unique offering of brand-new puzzles from the experts at Highlights.  Every puzzle is created from beautiful, intricate, full-color photographs that have been manipulated to produce a challenging and exciting experience for both kids and adults.  The book includes the all-time favorite Hidden Pictures® puzzles in addition to Matching, Check and Double Check and Hidden in Plain Sight puzzles.  This is a book you’ll want out on your coffee table and a perfect gift for all ages.

Millennial parents have fond memories of Highlights due to the powerful role it played in so many childhoods. Now these parents can introduce their own kids to Highlights and their one-of-a-kind puzzles through books sold online and at retail and through new media like the free Hidden Pictures Puzzle App and the Highlights Hangout podcast.

Cassandra's Review- When I was a kid, I could not wait to my highlights magazine because I was hooked on the puzzles.  It was super fun to see who could find the most pictures first and I never had enough pages per magazine.  I was probably more excited than my kids when this set arrived and I had no idea they made highlights puzzle only books that are filled with fun times.   Of course I will share with my kids and maybe even race them, but I really look forward to spending family time. 

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