Sunday, January 13, 2019

Be Wee with Bea By Liz O’Neill Review

“Be Wee with Bea”
By Liz O’Neill
ISBN: 978-1532030628 (softcover); 978-1532030611 (electronic)
Available at the iUniverse Online Bookstore and Amazon
This story is simple. But Bea the wee bear is very complicated. The adorable part of Bea is that we can all identify with how much she complicates her problems and relate to the exercises she does to solve them. She does have a severe sugar addiction to her honey, which leads her to her obsession with exercises on her step stool. She also gets into predicaments when she cares too much about her friends and tries to force situations. Much of her angst and source of some of her problems are her bad memories of when the mean little bears would bully her.

Join us as we stroll with Bea, listening to the music from the water, trees, rocks, and birds, and meet her important friends—Scruffles, Sweet Puppy, Timothy, and Willow.

Bea invites you to take the wisdom of this book into your heart and learn to be wee with Bea.

About the author

Liz O’Neill, a third generation Vermonter, spent 28 years in a religious community and has a master’s in education with a minor in language arts. She also taught middle-grade writing and literature for 20 years. She has written curricula for her undergraduate and graduate courses in her local college, where she taught for seven years. She is currently working on two other books. One is “Be Wee With Bea Pt. 2” and the other is called “A Particular Friendship.” To learn more, please visit

I received a complimentary copy. 

Cassandra's Review-  I am not sure if the book is for children or adults, but older ages would probably understand it more.  It is filled with what I guessing is more the authors take on the  subjects rather then how everyone is going to relate but it is nice to read someone else's thoughts. 

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