Thursday, April 12, 2018

God's Promises® for Graduates By Jack Countryman Review

God's Promises® for Graduates: Class of 2018 - Navy NKJV
By Jack Countryman
The #1 bestselling graduation gift book, God’s Promises® for Graduates: Class of 2018—NKJV Navy, is the perfect gift for the grad in your life. This book shows grads God’s promises from Scripture on topics such as character, integrity, loyalty, focus, respect, perseverance, and more. Includes a ribbon marker, gilded edges, and a Leathersoft cover.

To be successful in life, high school and college graduates need to stay in step with God. At each turn there are new challenges. What better help than this small book of God’s promises found in Scripture to bring guidance, comfort, and encouragement straight from the Word. Scripture passages are from the New King James Version translation. This book shows grads God’s promises on topics graduates will resonate with such as character, integrity, loyalty, focus, respect, perseverance, and more. Each topic is addressed with promises straight from the Bible.

This keepsake gift has a ribbon marker, silver-gilded edges, and a Leathersoft over hardcover design that is perfect to accommodate personalization by imprinting the graduate’s name. Year after year the attractive navy cover is one of the most popular choices for young men and women.

For more than 30 years, the God’s Promises® series has sold millions of copies, guiding and comforting people with God’s Word.

Encourage, inspire, and give your graduate comfort and courage with this beautiful gift book.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book is visually appealing and easy to understand.  I think it would make a really neat gift to help your teen to get right with God and stay on track.  If you enjoy faith based reading material and believe in the power that comes from God's wisdom, then this is going to be a really good book to read.  It it filled with scriptures and if you are already familiar with them then this will be even easy to understand. 

Dr. Matthew Probiotic Review

About the product

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ENJOY A HEALTHIER & MORE RESISTANT GUT: This doctor-formulated clinical-strength blend of 15 strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, at 15 billion CFU, provides the diversity, synergy & volume needed to replenish the beneficial bacteria for optimal health in both your intestines & urinary tract after stress, intense exercise, travel, poor diet or antibiotic therapy.

With prebiotic fiber from Kiwi superfruit, proven to nourish only the good bacteria and not feed Candida, like inulin/FOS
REACHES YOUR GUT ALIVE: Unlike other probiotics that DIE in the harsh environment of the stomach, our patented delivery system guarantees these probiotics survive stomach acids SEVERAL TIMES BETTER THAN CAPSULES, and reach deeply into your colon ALIVE for better nutrient absorption, vitamin production, more energy, less fatigue, healthier skin, and better mood. Sustained release delivers benefits all day long throughout your whole gut, not just the upper GI tract. Acid resistant. Time release.

IT'S SAFE - CONTAINS ONLY HUMAN STRAINS: The human origin of all 15 strains ensures that not only they adhere onto the intestinal epithelium but they also colonize and thrive in your gut because this is their natural environment. Other brands contain soil based strains that are not part of the healthy human microbiota, with questionable benefits & safety. Their full spectrum probiotic complex is proven to work. Easy to swallow. Mood boosting. Best probiotics.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  I can tell you that the size of the caplets are not huge, but they might be hard for people to swallow.  There was no big aftertaste or any heartburn.   I would not let the caplet sit in your mouth for a long time, but most people would swallow quickly anyway.  I would recommend reading the ingredients first to make sure your body is ok with them.