Wednesday, November 14, 2018

zulily’s Top Tips to WIN a White Elephant Gift Party This Holiday Season .@zulilly

The holidays are quickly approaching which means annual White Elephant parties are upon us. Everyone dreads walking away with the worst gift, but this year, we’ve got the inside scoop, so you  can come away as a winner and  know what to bring for a “steal worthy” gift.

Online retailer zulily has created a list of the top tips to ensure you’re all the envy of the party:

Join Forces – Form an alliance with one or two friends and agree to split or share the gifts.
Wear Your Poker Face – Don’t show excitement when you get a good gift, but act like you love the bad!

Don’t  Judge a Gift by its Wrapping – Often the prettiest wrapped gifts have the worst present.
But how do you source a truly “steal-worthy” gift?  According to a recent survey by zulily:

Almost a quarter (24%) of Americans’ favorite part about a White Elephant party is getting a fun, unexpected gift.

While almost half of Americans (46%) would rather laugh at their gift then gag in disgust (3%).

The most desired White Elephant gifts Americans would like to receive are Whimsical Garden Figurines (23%), followed closely by a Wine Glass that holds a Full Bottle of Wine (21%).


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