Wednesday, November 21, 2018

UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers and Dire Wolves Review #TheUNTAMED


Winter is coming early for UNTAMED! WowWee is gearing up for two brand new species: Sabre Tooth Tigers and Dire Wolves.

UNTAMED Sabre Tooth Tigers: Meet Silvertooth & Bonesaw, fierce and unpredictable creatures that know friend vs. foe. In untamed mode, they’ll roar like hungry tigers! In tame mode, they play like kittens. But handle with care because this duo is complete with ferocious fangs, snapping jaws and gripping claws.
UNTAMED Dire Wolves: Meet Midnight & Blizzard, interactive and ferocious wolves with snarling fangs, snapping jaws and gripping claws! In untamed mode, they will howl at the moon! In tame mode, they nuzzle and play like puppies! 

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- Really cool details and easy to play with. I like the design and features that will make this fun for any age to play with, especially if you happen to be sharing them with your kids.  They make an adorable holiday gift.  They are also small enough to fit in a go bag for in the car trips. 

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