Friday, November 02, 2018

The Uncontrolled by Zachary W. Astrowsky Review

The robotic way people smile is John’s first inclination that things are not quite as they seem in Grand Siles. Attending his last year of middle school, the boy’s parents are forced to tell him about a plot so abominable that it upends John’s world. At the age of fourteen, everyone is brainwashed with a tracking device by a society called Tracker for Globe “T.F.G.” John, and his friends, Chase and Hazel, become aware of this hidden society tracking and controlling people when it is their turn to be implanted with the device.

Over time plot twists come into play as John starts seeing visions of the future and a second secret group, the Renegades, work with John to fight the T.F.G. While hope of winning the war is right within their grasp, John realizes he might not be the only with special abilities. With a creative use of holograms and plotting, John and his friends, along with the Renegades, take on the T.F.G. in an exciting and unexpected battle.

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Cassandra's Review- The characters are imagined well and easier to feel more connected to.  I was not completely sure that this author wrote the whole book by himself or at least not without first reading a few other books in order to combine the ideas for this story which is wonderful because the best thoughts come from learned material.  I would recommend for older teens and young adults as they would probably feel more in the adventure. 

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