Sunday, November 18, 2018

Prevent Winter Dandruff Before It Even Starts with LomaLux Dandruff Pill @LomaLuxLabs

Winter months can exacerbate dandruff.  The dry air of indoor heat can dry the scalp while wearing a winter hat can create the perfect warm & humid microclimate for dandruff flakes to occur.
Prevent Winter Dandruff Before It Even Starts With New Dandruff Pill

Developed by Dermatologist founder, new Dandruff Pill contains seven all natural, mother earth-derived minerals that are taken like a daily vitamin to relieve and prevent dandruff flakes and itchy scalp from the inside out.  It treats all types of dandruff symptoms: flaking, scalp dryness/irritation, itchy scalp & oily scalp – and it actually promotes a healthy scalp.

When Used Regularly, Dandruff Pill Helps Prevent Dandruff From Even Starting

With regular use, Dandruff Pill actually attacks the true internal source of dandruff so no need for stinky, irritating topical dandruff treatments.

All Natural Minerals         Vegan          Gluten Free          Lactose-Free

Available online at Amazon. com, Walmart. com & LomaLux .com Under $29 for a one month supply

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I received complimentary product. 

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