Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Personalize your gift with hand finished jewelry from AJ's Collection

Women, especially Moms, love personalized gifts and many of them love jewelry too!  The AJ’s Collection line of beautifully hand finished, sterling silver necklaces and charms will fulfill both desires for the ladies in your life. 

Each charm they offer can be customized with the names of children and loved ones, or even the recipient’s own name. Choose from more than 100 different charm patterns and designs that are sure to touch the heart of the woman who receives them.  Swarovski birthstones can be added as well.  These unique necklaces are made in the USA with quick turnaround and delivery.

The perfect customized gift for Moms, Grandmas and women of all walks of life can be found at www.AJsCollection.com

Cassandra's Review-  I was sent a personalized charm necklace with names of people I do not know as my complimentary product, so that was off putting.  There was no paperwork or business card or anything at all but what is shown in the picture, so I did not even know where it came from.  I think when buying jewelry I would want to know where it came from and a little about the piece etc.  The piece just looked tossed in a bag and put in a lower end box and sent in a bubble mailer, so for a gift it had no wow factor and I will not wear jewelry with people I do not know, names engraved on it so it's like working for free.  However if you're looking for lower end jewelry at  a higher cost, I would recommend browsing this site. 

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