Monday, November 19, 2018

Keep your pets clean and Flea free with EQyss .@EQyss

Say Yes to Healthy / Non-Itchy Skin and Coat!  EQyss Elite Moisturizing Detangling OR Avocado Mist Conditioner Sprays is perfect for an in between bath refresher during the Holiday madness. These leave in conditioning sprays maintains the moisture balance within the hair shaft and prevents the coat from becoming dry, and damaged as well as reducing shedding. Non toxic and USA made from ingredients fortified with oils & extracts that eases brushing and keeps your pet’s skin and coat conditioned, moisturized, and hydrated.

Cassandra's review-  The products smell good and are very simple to apply.  They did not bother my dogs while in use and make the coats look very nice.

I received complimentary product.


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