Wednesday, November 21, 2018

IVS products for your Pets

Trouble with wet dirty paws? After your pet ventures out to do their "business" and come back a sludgy snow mess, IVS Quick Bath® Wipes are the perfect answer for quick clean ups before guests arrive. Made in the USA these SUPER wipes are formulated with Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera, to promote healthy skin and coat while leaving your pet clean and shiny. pH Neutral and Alcohol Free, these wipes are available in small dogs, large dogs, and cats. 
IVS International Veterinary Sciences (Supplements and Grooming)

I received complimentary product.

Comfort Time is formulated with natural herbs to support relaxation and promote calmness. It is great for new surroundings, travel, veterinary visits, uncomfortable changes, thunderstorms, and fireworks.

For both cats & dogs! Bottle comes in only 60 chewable tablets.

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