Friday, November 30, 2018

Great Ways to Give Back to the Community

I thought it would be nice this holiday to scour the internet and find way to give back to the community in case you want to make a small difference in a big way.  Not everybody has the means to do big gestures and in no way should you do anything that could put your family in harm's way.   Of course even now in days people can get killed just for smiling at someone, but here are some ways to check out.

 Volunteer at your local school or homeschool group by taking time in some way that will help others for example reading to the kids or if your religious, bible study time would not cost you anything.

 Fix and Serve Meals if you can afford this and you have the time, it could be real blessing to families poor and rich because everyone can need help.

Throw a yard sale and donate the profits to a charity or if you do not have time you can always get up a few boxes together and gift them to a Goodwill or Salvation army.  You do not have to gift things you need, but I am sure there are so many extra things in your life that someone else could really use.

Write a note of gratitude to your favorite people or take the time to tell someone you appreciate them in an email because that feels just as good as sending a smile.  It takes nothing to be a kind person unless your doing it for the wrong reasons.

I love handing out holiday cards to strangers because you do not have to mark your private information just writing a simple well wishes from someone who cares or whatever greeting will be more than enough.
Kofi Danso
If you have access to a recycling center, it may be a huge choice to try to start recycling anything you can in the time you have.  I know some states even have it included in weekly trash pickup which is even more perfect and there is no reason why you can not teach your family to place certain things in a separate container.  You can even get money from recycling certain things and use it to give back by donating to a church, or perhaps to people like Prophet Kofi Danso or wherever your heart takes you.

The idea I am going to present to you now sounds selfish but its not really because giving to yourself in terms of a restful night or longer shower can help you to be a better person for the community as well as your family and that is a great way to give back.   Keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy will always pay off when you want to give to back.

I would also like to mention that if you are choosing to provide a hand up not a hand out to the community make sure your doing it for the right reasons and do not expect a parade in your honor or to even be thanked.  Sometimes the best gifts do not require anything in return.   Also remember to show your kids safe ways to help and involve them too without forcing them to do anything and without guilting them because that is not really showing them the point.

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