Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fresh n' Lean meals Review

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Delicious. Convenient. Delivered.

Fresh n’ Lean meals arrive in a microwave and oven safe container that you can take with you to eat almost anywhere. Our lean meal plans are shipped fresh (never frozen) every week in specially designed coolers with ice packs. The coolers keep your meals tasty and fresh while being delivered to your home or office. With our deliveries typically scheduled for Friday delivery, you can follow our suggested schedule or pick and choose what you want to have for the week ahead. Learn more and Order at

Little Q&A
Where are your meals prepared?

Currently, our meals are freshly prepared in Chino, CA (but will soon be moving to Anaheim, CA).

Why choose Fresh n’ Lean?

We help you put healthy eating on autopilot – no more hassle with shopping, meal prep or calorie-counting. Instead, you get home-cooked meals that taste as great as they make you feel. Freshly made and delivered to your door.

How does your service work?

We’re a meal delivery service with a healthy twist. Simply pick your plan online or choose from our A La Carte options. We source fresh, organic ingredients, transform them into healthy, delicious meals, and deliver them fresh to your home or workplace each week. All you need to do is reheat and eat whenever you’re ready!

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  The ingredients taste so well together, I did not need to add anything to the dishes.  There is enough food per meal to fill you up and keep you feeling full for a good amount of time.  They are convenient and easy to take with you on the go if you can keep them cold as they are fresh.  Three minutes in the microwave and they were the perfect temperature to enjoy but do to certain microwaves always make sure they are not to hot before you serve.

 The film covering the food is a little bit of a struggle to get off and I had to wear gloves and cut around it with a knife to get them open which is done after it is heated up, but it was sealed so good that there are no spills and you can tell there was a lot of effort put into these meals. 

Most importantly is the taste and each meal is different with seasoning and ingredients , some of which I do not have locally or never would have thought to put together.  The price is a bit high for me but I do have quite a few mouths to feed.   Overall this would basically be a luxury for me and I could see even losing weight with this service because of how healthy the meals are and how filled you get.  The flavor, meal choices and taste make this a great holiday or any day gift. 

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