Thursday, November 01, 2018

Crated With Love Review .@CratedwithLove

Crated with Love is a subscription box business that helps bring the spark back in your relationship. Every box they ship is filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items and activities that are focused on bringing more romance and laughter into your lives, while at the same time strengthening your relationship.

Every box they ship includes 4 or 5 date night challenges or activities along with all the items you will need. The goal is to help inspire laughter so you can reconnect and create quality time together.

I received a complimentary box.

Cassandra's Review- Creative and easy to follow directions.  The box may seem a bit tiny and the objects are not worth much, but if you follow the rules and really invest in the projects prepared, it will be a good time.  Each box is going to be different so this is a great gift for couples who are either in a lull or just want a little more connection.  While I think it is super random and has a great concept. 

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