Tuesday, October 23, 2018

WARE Pet Coop Control and Sideways Sipper Cooler for Chickens

Coop Control
Coop Control
Ware Coop Control is a 97% bio based, organic carbon that reduces 'fowl' odors in your chicken coop. Sprinkle evenly across the coop to a depth no greater than 1/8". Use is dependent on number of chickens and amount of waste. Replace whenever odors return.

Coop Control is safe for chickens to ingest and offers the additional benefit of soil improvement. Cutting down the smell in your coop will reduce the number of flies pestering your flock. Too many flies can cause stress on chickens, which can result in lower egg production. Coop Control is also good for your soil. It has a low density and benefits areas with dense soil by increasing drainage and aeration.

Sideways Sipper Insulated

Sideways Sipper Insulated
Cooler keeps water cool and features 3 foldable legs as well as a hanging handle. UV stabilized plastic construction holds up in all weather conditions.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- I would have loved to be able to review a few actual chicken coops by this brand because they look fantastic and my orpingtons would love them.   The cooler is compact and convenient which is a huge plus for me to be able to lift and the cover fits nicely.    The coop control was easy to spread but I would recommend gloves and to open it outdoors as it can get black mess about and helps the chickens by giving them a more pleasant fresh day. 

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