Monday, October 01, 2018

KISH Original painting

Florida-based Artist Gretchen Kish Serrano and her custom pet portraits combining her creativity with inspirations from classic artists including Pollock, van Gogh and Klimt.

A KISH Original painting is a joyful expression of love for your pet with a familiar artistic inspiration. She paints vibrant works of art honoring the exceptional bond her clients share with their pets. Specializing in dogs and cats, Kish is also open to commissioning other pets. 

"I express the love for a pet through my art," Kish believes. "I offer my clients a variety of artistic style options for their art.each with a unique inspiration from an artist I admire."

Currently, Kish is focusing on three distinct styles for her commissions; however, she is open to discussing additional options based on her client's artistic preference.
"Although I paint in a variety of artistic styles, I have been drawn to these three in particular: Pollock, van Gogh and Klimt," she explains. "I enjoy the challenge of painting in different styles and techniques. I also admire Matisse, Chagall, Gauguin and so many others."

Styles include BRUSH, inspired by the thick brush strokes and bold color palettes of Vincent van Gogh; DRIP, inspired by the expressionistic drips and splatters with their bold, overlapping colors and the thick surface texture created of Jackson Pollock; and GILD, inspired by the gilded works of Gustav Klimt. To mirror the style, Kish gilds using 23kt gold.

Prices vary depending on the style selected and size but many range from $2000 to $7000 per original commission for one pet. To add a second pet to portrait, an additional 10-20% is charged.
For the process itself, Kish loves to begin by hearing about her client's pet and discussing style options. Next the client provides photos showing their pet from a variety of angles with different expressions. Kish then emails the client one or two sketch options and asks they write a message to their pet. The artist follows up with photos as the painting takes shape. Once completed, Kish paints the message to their pet on the back of the canvas. The timing for a portrait commission can take three to six months from initial consultation through concept, painting, framing (if requested), to shipping and delivery.

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