Thursday, October 25, 2018

Across the Street and Around the World By Jeannie Marie Review

Across the Street and Around the World
Following Jesus to the Nations in Your Neighborhood...and Beyond
By Jeannie Marie
A practical guidebook that helps readers align with God's desire to cross cultures and reach all nations.

Many Christians experience a stirring in their souls after short mission trips or global conferences, or as they interact with the increasingly diverse sets of people moving into their neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. But most don't know how to build intentional relationships with people from different backgrounds.

Across the Street and Around the World offers an answer to those Christians wondering, Is it possible to engage with people of other cultures right now, in my everyday world—or even beyond? Step by step, it helps them see how to prepare their souls, reshape their worldviews, and redesign their patterns of life to become the sort of people who can represent Jesus across cultural lines and take part in God's plans for their neighborhoods, their cities, and the world.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Not as much fact as opinions are in this book and that is ok if you believe them.  It does have a faith based lined structure which is nice.  It will be a discussion starter and maybe a little uncomfortable for some more narrow minded readers.  I would recommend this book to older people who have a strong faith but also an open mind. 

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