Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mindful themed Notebook by Corso

The Mindful Notebook By Corso
Introducing the Mindful Notebook by Corso - A notebook designed to foster internal awareness and improve the quality of your life.

As seen on site:
The Mindful Notebook is a tool to keep you focused and make sure you are starting each day with the proper mindset to reach your goals and fulfill your objectives. This notebook has 3 parts which help you go about your day and daily tasks with ease.

Daily Inspirational Quote -The Mindful Notebook includes a Daily Quote on each page to make sure you are properly grounded and make decisions in your daily lives in a more mindful manner.
Journal - This can be used as your everyday, go-to place to take notes on whether it’s in the office, school or in your home.

Gratitude Practice - We all have a number of things we can be grateful for. This section of the notebook is there to remind yourself to take note of things/people you are happy to have or experience at that moment or in general.

The Mindful Notebook By Corso

I received complimentary product.

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