Saturday, September 22, 2018

Let's Make a Contract by Dr. Ann Schiebert Review

Let's Make a Contract: Getting Through Unhappy Romantic Relationships by Dr. Ann Schiebert

Let's Make a Contract Book Cover

Let’s Make a Contract

Getting Through Unhappy Romantic Relationships
Discover why you’re unhappy in your romantic relationship
Gain a better understanding of why you stay in your unhappy romantic relationship
Boost your chances of finally finding a fulfilling romance
See if this sounds familiar.

You begin a romantic relationship with so much hope and promise, thinking that this time is going to be different.

And for a while it is. You’re on top of the world.

But then things slowly start to devolve. At first it’s little annoyances, then you catch yourself getting in bad moods more often.

You start to fight, promises are broken and you begin to realize that you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle, wondering how things got so bad so fast.

Of course, this is just one possible scenario of countless types of relationship struggles.

If you’re in an unhappy romantic relationship, you are not alone.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- In my opinion if it is wrong you do not belong.  If you are in an abusive or unhealthy relationship that is not going to get better you need to walk away. Do not try to fix a broken situation that could wind up getting you killed.   You need to know first what kind of problem the relationship is in and if it is something that should be worked on, then maybe this book is for you.  An abuser will not change and so please know the distinction of the circumstances before trying to work on anything. 

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