Thursday, September 27, 2018

FocoBody360 .@foolishcouple

FocoBody360, is a completely online program designed for couples. The program lasts for 360 days and the price of the entire, yearly program is $2597 for the couple.  As described by The Foolish Couple.

On a daily basis, each participant will receive an email sent from us. This email is a daily reminder for them to access their Precision Nutrition coaching website to review their daily lesson, exercise, and habit building reminders. The PN coaching is regularly $150 per month for a couple ($1800 per year).

 Right now you can go here to sign up to our pre-launch content: “Time for Health”, where users can access our free, 3-part video series on health.

Precision Nutrition is …

Every week, the participants will receive an additional lesson from us where the focus is on how to leverage their relationship, as a couple, to support each other in their health goals and accelerate their success.

In addition to the above, each participant will receive:

Monthly 1-hour 2-on-2 phone coaching session with us. This is an additional $300 /month value ($3600 per year).

Also, each month, we will be hosting 4 webinars to address any issues, questions and concerns that our participants have. This is a $200/month value ($2400 / year)

As an additional bonus, and as a tool to measure our participant’s progress, we will also include 2 Apple watches. This is a $600 value. Apple watches allows the users to track their heart rate, exercises and daily caloric usage. It will also allow us, as coaches, to monitor their progress. If participants already have Apple watches, we will deduct $600 off the price of the program.

Participants are invited to join our competition monitored through the Apple watches and the grand prize is an iPad

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