Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Always Welcome by Welcome Wilson Sr. Review

 Always Welcome: 9 Decades of Great Friends, Great Times and (Mostly) Great Deals


Always Welcome is the story of a remarkable man who has worked hard to discover the secrets to success. His candid memoir, spanning ninety years of a life well-lived, shares the wisdom won through good deals and bad, hard times and happiness. Wilson’s colorful anecdotes bring history to life, providing fascinating business, political, and social vignettes and commentary.

Anyone interested in real estate, politics, higher education, or the personalities that helped Houston boom from a sleepy Southern town into an international city, with find this a treasure trove of information–and a collection of great stories. Wilson’s desire to learn from every experience has allowed him to play a part in many of the significant moments as the 20th century unfolds. The energy and enthusiasm for life detailed in the pages of this book are truly inspiring.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The book offers great tips, stories and a lot of personal moments from the author.  I would recommend this to a reader who wants to know more about the topics included and probably an older age as I do not think too many younger kids would want to or even understand it.  Maybe a good read for college kids who are starting out in the world. 

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