Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Where's the Potty On This Ark and two more Book Reviews

Where's the Potty On This Ark?
Uh-oh! The animals need to go. Not just on a journey on Noah's Ark, but to the potty, too! Noah's wife, Naamah, helps each animal—owl, giraffe, monkey, raccoon, and even elephant—go potty while on the big ark.

Cassandra's Review- The book is cute and fun to read. It's a little odd to include a prayer, but it is different.  

I received complimentary copies.  

by Anna Levine

Alexandra Crane is terrible at following her family in their flying Vee. She can't help it that the world is so full of interesting and distracting sights! When it's time for the Cranes to migrate to Israel's Hula Valley for the winter, Alexandra is excited but her family is worried. Will Alexandra stay with the group? And might Alexandra discover that a bad follower can make a great leader? 

Cassandra's review-  An easier to read story that is informational and fun for younger children.  

by Jennifer Riesmeyer Elvgren

In Germany in 1938, playing and dancing to jazz music is forbidden. The Hitler Youth patrol the night streets looking for anyone who breaks the rules. Albert is a member of the Edelweiss Pirates, a secret group of young people who defy the Hitler Youth. They play the forbidden music and work against the Nazis any way they can. Albert's younger brother, Kurt, loves jazz and longs to be a Pirate, too. Although he's too young to be an Edelweiss Pirate, Kurt can still find a way to take a stand.

Cassandra's Review -  Depending on the age of threader and the thoughts they have already experienced, this can be a mix review.  It is for kids, but is more than just a kids book and that is not to make light at all of what the real time period would have been like.  

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