Thursday, August 30, 2018

Unexpected Places By Anthony Evans Review

Unexpected Places
Thoughts on God, Faith, and Finding Your Voice
By Anthony Evans
Unexpected Places is the personal story of gospel singer Anthony Evans, son of well-known pastor Tony Evans and brother of author Priscilla Shirer. In this intimate and moving memoir, Anthony shares the details of his struggles with depression and doubt, and encourages readers with the unique story of his search for purpose and identity.

From growing up duty-bound to his name, to his time as a finalist and then talent producer on The Voice, Anthony explores the pressures he experienced as a child and as a young man in Hollywood, and describes the journey to his renewed faith in God. He exposes the vast differences between what the world teaches us to value and how God values us. Anthony examines what his parents did right in raising him but also describes how they unknowingly missed his elusive pain. Finally, he reveals how God orchestrated His plan to grow Anthony into a man who is in love with life, his heritage, and his individual calling.

Anthony has learned to embrace the incredible beauty of his unique voice. In Unexpected Places, he invites readers on their own journey to do the same.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- You get storytelling and uplifting moments in this book. The author does a great deal of name dropping and shares photos with celebrities.   It was good to read about and connect with the journey and process of thoughts that take you from one step to the other.  As a reader you get a good dose of drama and real life takeaways that help to make your own life a little better.  You take what you want and leave the rest when you finish the book. 

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