Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Relaxium Sleep Review

Sleep better the first night you try it with safe, all-natural Relaxium Sleep®
Relaxium Sleep® is a unique blend of safe, clinically- tested ingredients that help you sleep better naturally without the risk of dependency.

In fact, Relaxium Sleep is the same formula Dr. Eric Ciliberti uses in his own clinic to help people just like you enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

Best of all, you can expect Relaxium Sleep to start working the very first night you take it! And within a matter of days, you should find that your sleep patterns have become more regular. Right away you’ll experience:

An easier time falling and staying asleep
Deeper, more restful sleep
Waking up feeling refreshed, energized and rejuvenated
Better mood balance
Fewer aches and pains
A stronger immune system
Better digestion
Better heart health
And so much more!
Dr. Eric Ciliberti is a board certified physician specializing in neurology. Highly respected for his extensive experience with acute disorders of the nervous system, Dr. Ciliberti is considered one of the foremost experts on sleep, stress and anxiety.

Dr. Ciliberti has medical degrees from several prominent universities, including Georgetown University. He has trained with world-renowned leaders in his field of expertise and has been practicing medicine since 1991. He is an active member of the American Academy of Neurology, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Anxiety Disorders Association of America, and one of the founding members of the American Behavioral Research Institute. Dr. Ciliberti is a lecturer and author of several medical publications, and he has appeared on several national cable television channels. He resides in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife and two wonderful children.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- With a mix of ingredients that can make you calm and sleepy, this gluten free and made in the USA gelatin capsule was easy to take and did not hurt my stomach.  Perhaps perfect for someone who can't relax enough to get to sleep.

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