Saturday, August 25, 2018

Playful Painting: People Review

Playful Painting: People
Whimsical projects and clever techniques for painting any likeness - from family and friends to the rich and famous
Playful Painting: People
Playful Painting: People is a quirky take on portrait instruction—sharpen your skills with 16 step-by-step projects, among them a mixed-media Frida Kahlo, an '80s girl, an ad man, a Victorian couple, and Edgar Allen Poe.

Creating portraits is fun and easy with Playful Painting: People. This colorful guide will have you creating beautiful portraits of women and men, as well as nature motifs and animals. Whether you’re an aspiring, beginning, or more advanced artist, you'll be working with affordable, approachable tools, such as colored pencil, gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil, to create your own portraits.

Every portrait is customizable, allowing you to add your own personal embellishments. Pick up a variety of tips and techniques that will show you how to paint whimsical patterns, accessories, and famous faces. There's even a section devoted to learning how to paint a self-portrait.

Playful Painting: People isn’t just a collection of skills to learn; it’s a fun, fresh take on an age-old art form.

Cassandra's Review - The directions are a little different from other books in that the illustrations are more blanked out as you fo instead of drawn out lines etc.  The paintings are not an exact match for the people, but they are fun to view and you could even try to draw them out and use other mediums for more creating time.

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