Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bitter and Sweet by Sandra V Feder Review

Bitter and Sweet
by Sandra V Feder
Coming September  2018
Groundwood Books
Barnes & Noble

When Hannah’s family has to move, her grandmother tells her how she felt leaving the old country — it was both bitter and sweet. As Hannah leaves her friends behind and tries to get used to a new house, she only feels bitterness. Was her grandmother wrong about the sweetness?

Hannah starts to feel better about the move when she sees her new house in the soft light of the Shabbat candles. When a new friend reaches out with a special gift, Hannah realizes that sweetness can come from unexpected places and that she can even create some herself.

Featuring art by acclaimed illustrator Kyrsten Brooker, this story subtly conveys a universal message — while life can be full of challenging moments, sweeter ones can be found and created. An author’s note is included on the concept of bitter and sweet in Jewish culture.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  A lovely book about change and positive thinking.  It is nice for little readers to understand that not everything is going to be wonderful during a big change like a move, but with enough courage and persistence it can all eventually turn out better.  While this does not happen realistically in all moves, it can make your child feel more at ease about the big experience.  

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