Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Apps to Pass the Time

Have you ever just had a loll in your day or basically be in some type of funk, well here is a list of 10 random fun apps to fill your thoughts and maybe inspire you to do other things.  You can even spend a little time with them to improve your mood or pass the time.  While there are so many apps to offer you everything for day to day, these are some pretty good ones and also some that I use.   There are also websites that have funny memes to read or uplift your spirits like Miss Bongo Avis which has a great instagram page.

10.  Facebook- well this is a given because you can stalk, spend time on or just talk to strangers and anyone else you may know.  You can take polls, read news and play apps on there as well.  Whatever makes your day fuller and happier.

9.  Twitter -  It is easy to tweet and get in the mix of what is up to date, even the president choose to utilize the fame of this app and it can burn a lot of your time.

8.  Candy Crush-  While being both fun and addictive, this game is colorful and easy to play which can lighten your mood or at least relax your current thoughts.

7. Angry Birds - Yes this is kind of an old game, but it is an app and fun to play.  You can even find it free for sometime and it can be just a few minutes of added fun to spend some free time.

6.  TuneIn radio - If you enjoy playing stations with choices worldwide to select from for free this is a great app to use.  Sometimes a good song can just make all the difference.  So feel free to sing, maybe even dance.

5.  Instagram - is filled with pictures that you can take your current mood and shift it by viewing.  There are even short clips of randomness that you can find for entertainment.

4.  Email-  Any kind of email app could be a good thing to figure out and sign up for, maybe even using them to sign up for free samples and spend time emailing family.

3.  9GAG. For anyone that just loves to spend time with memes, GIFs, funny pictures and videos. This is going to be a great app to view and you may find some great funny moments.

2.  Voice Changer Fun- You can find this or another app to spend time making silly voices for your kids, or maybe with them.  There are clean ways to use this and create funny moments.

1.  Wakie - is the perfect app if you want to talk about something to a friendly stranger.  While I would never use this myself and probably be a little scared to let my family try it, this could be a lot of fun for some people.  I do have to mention the dangerous of using the internet to talk to random strangers, although it depends on what you say and your intentions.  Please take time to advise your children of internet safety.

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