Sunday, August 05, 2018

AlphaTUB Review .@alpha_TUB

AlphaTUB is world’s simplest alphabet learning tool.  Winner of 2018 Startup ICT Awards India, 2017 Edison Awards for Innovation in New York, and many more global awards. alphaTUB is world’s first & only alphabet Peg Board with ability to introduce dynamic & personalized learning content to kids powered by a mobile app.
alphaTUB is simple & easy to use tool to engage, immerse, involve and educate alphabet to kids & people with learning disabilities.
 The mobile app can be used for personalized content & to track-monitor the child’s learning progress.

I received complimentary product.

 alphaTUB is a brand new customizable alphabet peg board- each letter on the board is represented with a range of symbols that are printed on interchangeable sheets.

With the original wooden letter board, the letter “A” is often represented by simply an apple. With alphaTUB, the letter “A” can also be represented by an alligator, an avocado and even an antler as your child’s vocabulary expands over time.

With the alphaTUB mobile app, you not only keep track and share the learning progress of your child, but also download new graphics or sheets, and even create new content to share or sell on the TUB marketplace. Kids can even draw their own content sheets to learn and share with others.

Cassandra's Review- While the toy itself is not a new concept, the added technology recreates it in a way that anyone can utilize the feature to help with learning.  I think the added options to customize the sheets is a great bonus.  You need to have access to the mobile app to get the most from this learning tool.

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  1. Wow I love the idea of the product. Where can I buy it?


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