Tuesday, July 31, 2018

StarPassage Book 3 By Clark Rich BurBidge Review #StarPassage

StarPassage 3 front cover FINAL
Star Passage Book 3: Honor & Mercy

"Book Three continues the saga as the ancient relic directs our travelers on a new quest. Mike meets a struggling new patient during therapy. Ronnie Chen thinks his life is over but the relic has a plan. The expanding group of friends band together as the relic leads them through extraordinarily dangerous historic passages. But this time their quest is complicated by the escape to the present of the Tracker, Clynt. Is there any hope of stopping him from taking control of someone, stealing the relic and leading thousands of evil Trackers in changing history and destroying the world?

The Carsons and their friends must pull together to resist the Trackers at every turn while dealing with a possible traitor in their midst. With the Trackers closing in and the travelers ever more desperate is there any hope of escape? Find out in the thrilling third installment."

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I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  This book is not really a standalone and I would have benefited more from reading the series from book one because it seems to lack the key components to making it a really come together impact for me.   There is a lot going on and if you have no prior idea of what has already happened it just feels a bit confusing.  I think that young readers will really enjoy the adventure. 

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