Monday, July 02, 2018

Say Goodbye to UTI .@UqoraHealth

Most of us know the sense of dread that sets in when you feel a UTI coming on: The cycle of painful symptoms, an inconvenient trip to urgent care and a round of potent antibiotics isn’t anyone’s definition of a party.

Some of us know what sparks a UTI and have fortunately only suffered through one, but some women have suffered recurrent UTIs for 20+ years. I would like to introduce  Uqora to stop UTIs before they start.

Uqora is a natural, safe, pink-lemonade flavored drink mix that works to block bacteria, increase urinary flow and boost immunity to keep UTIs at bay. Whether women drink Uqora after intercourse, when they feel a UTI coming on, after a trip to the lake, while traveling, post-gym or every morning to finally banish recurring UTIs, the on-the-go formula makes it simple to use Uqora anytime, anywhere, regardless of how many UTIs they get.

I received complimentary product.

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