Monday, July 23, 2018

Food for Thought

Are some good for you foods bad?  What should you consider a healthy snack option?  Can certain healthy foods contain unhealthy ingredients?  Well the answer to all of these is yes and some healthy foods can even cause serious allergic reactions in people.   I talked to a woman the other day who vehemently told me how she quit caffeine.
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The person claims she was not drinking it and I said well do you still snack on chocolate? Is  it the caffeine free kind and there was a moment when I felt like so many things out there can be analyzed for the little things.   What I am meaning here is that even bottled water can contain unhealthy ingredients.  Did you know that when bottle water is left dormant or in the heat for too long the chemicals from the plastic leak into it.   If you ever opened a bottle and it did not smell like water or your water had a taste is should not have because really pure water is actually tasteless. 

Have you ever loved popcorn but did not realize that it can be bad for you if your adding anything like popcorn oil or popcorn salt to it? The most common problem figuring out what to eat that is affordable and can fill up a larger family or even one person.  In today's world there are always new and great healthy snacks available.  Perhaps my only advice to sum this article up is to say that if you read the ingredients and feel that something is a miss to you even if it is acceptable to everyone else, just do not accept it and find the alternative.  Do not settle for just ok even if it is cheaper because even though taking the time to research is not as easy or convenient it can save your body and mind so much more than time.  Oh, and one more thing, speaking of research there are often trade show display ideas available in your area that can help you get the most information about certain products. or even more healthier food options.

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