Tuesday, July 31, 2018

101 DIY Baby Food Pouches Review

101 DIY Baby Food Pouches
Incredibly Easy Recipes for Reusable Pouches
101 DIY Baby Food Pouches

Feed your baby better, save money, and waste less with the homemade puree recipes in 101 DIY Baby Food Pouches.

Starting your baby on solids is an exciting developmental period that comes with many choices and some challenges. With baby keeping you very busy already, the convenience and portability of prepackaged, squeezable purees, are hard to resist—but they are expensive, and laden with preservatives. Lucky for you, making homemade purees is easier than you may think! 101 DIY Baby Food Pouches gives you the guidance, confidence, and inspiration you need to make food pouches at home.

With just a little coaching, you will:
Save money with homemade food pouches
Make healthy choices by picking every fresh ingredient to add to your pouch
Reduce waste by reusing your DIY pouches again and again
Always be ready for meals by making purees in batches and freezing them for later
Easily combine flavors and experiment with new foods
The book conveniently divides the recipes by savory and sweet combinations. Savory recipes include Sweet Potato and Kale; Asparagus, Chickpea, and Sweet Potato; and Kidney Beans, Parsnip, Beets, and Beef. Sweet recipes include Apricot Raspberry Puree and Plum, Apple, Mint, and Yogurt.

Ideal for parents always on the go, 101 DIY Baby Food Pouches includes instructions for filling your own pouches and—you guessed it—101 recipes to inspire you. DIY food pouches are cheaper, healthier, and eco-friendly—the perfect solution for busy families.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  I love the tips and ideas.  It is very hard to find the right kind of foods for your baby especially if your a new parent.   The recipes are like gourmet and the food might be a bit pricey to buy however they look really healthy and fairly simple to create.  Of course you can modify the recipe to fit your little ones taste buds.  It can also come in handy for elderly people as well or anyone that prefers pouches.

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