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Mrs. B, Substitute Grandma By Kathleen Beining Review

 In today’s fast-paced society, the simple things are often lost or forgotten. For children, this means an oversight in learning important lessons in friendship, respect and sharing. Kathleen Beining wants to return to these virtues as well as Christian values through the “Mrs. Bumbleberry Series.”
Mrs. B, Substitute Grandma by [Beining, Kathleen]
The “Mrs. Bumbleberry Series” carries messages that have been lost over time. Beining brings back these morals and values with through simple tales that are full of colorful illustrations.

“Mrs. Bumbleberry Series”
By Kathleen Beining

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Westbow Press

“My stories not only have a message but guidance on how to apply these lessons,” Beining said. “Mrs. Bumbleberry represents those strong Christian values, and how to live out those ideals in your everyday actions.”

“Mrs. Bumbleberry and the Ark” focuses on treating others with respect. Katy is worried about attending church summer camp and unsure that she will make new friends. Mrs. B reminds Katy that she can make friends if she treats them the way she would want to be treated. Luckily, Katy meets Andi. The two become best friends through learning about God’s great works with Mrs. B.

In “Mrs. B, Substitute Grandma” readers are introduced to Katy and Andi who are on a field trip to Appleton Farm, but first the children need an adult to accompany them. Mrs. B comes to the rescue and teaches the girls the value in sharing and working together.

About the author

Kathleen Beining grew up in Missouri and currently lives there with family and friends. She is a devout Christian and believes in the importance of sharing, caring and helping others. There are currently eight books in the “Mrs. Bumbleberry Series,” with more on the way!

“Most adults grew up with these messages, but somewhere along the line we forgot to pass these ideals down to our children,” Beining said. “It is time to return to these Christian values so kids may grow to be respectful and caring adults.”

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review-  A full and clean children's story that shares values and a great learning experience.   It would be harder for younger readers to get through, but if you take the time to read it outloud the impact would be well rewarded.

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