Thursday, June 21, 2018

Burnout Travel Mug Review

ThermAvant International — founded by C.W. LaPierre Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bill Ma — recently released another breakthrough product on the portable beverage market.
Meet Burnout, the temperature-regulating travel mug guaranteed to quickly cool hot beverages such as coffee or tea to a drinkable zone of 140 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes and keep it there for hours — a quickness and longevity unmatched by competitors.

The key improvements for Burnout are faster cooling times, a new lid that limits residue buildup on the lip, and assembly of the mugs has moved from China to the U.S. But the biggest improvement is the lifetime guarantee and the individual serialization of each mug. which utilizes serial numbers unique to the mug to allow ThermAvant to track any burnout mug and provide the best service.

The name invokes exactly what the mug is intended to do — take the burn out of the user’s first sip. The Burnout mug utilizes Ma’s phase-change material (PCM) called HeatZorb, which is vacuum sealed between multiple layers of stainless steel. It is the same technology that is used in the LEXO further refined and perfected in the Burnout.

The material is charged at ThermAvant’s headquarters in Columbia, Mo., and is in a solid state in the mug. The heat of the beverage turns HeatZorb into a liquid, allowing it to absorb the extra heat and store it for release throughout the day, keeping the beverage warm for hours on end.

“We developed and refined the manufacturing system to charge the PCM and assemble Burnout in right here in Columbia, Mo.,” Ma said of ThermAvant International’s one-of-a-kind process. “With that technology, we charge our PCM. It took us about a year to develop the machine for the fabrication process.”

Click Here to read more about the mug and the engineer behind it. 

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's  Review- Sleek and very nice design. I enjoy the thickness as it can be handled with ease.  The top functioning lid is great.  You can tell that it is crafted of good quality and it is not heavy, but at the same time provides a good amount of weight to gain sturdiness.  It can be rinsed out, but I would use a bottle brush as well for better cleaning as it is a longer more narrow hole. 

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