Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trade Show Solutions

Have you ever walked around a trade show?  There are so many different kinds out there featuring anything from boats to plants.  I wonder how they get everything set up and ready for viewing.  Does it take years of planing or a super huge budget?  Can just anyone have one ot do you need special permits?  Is there somewhere that allows enough space for your occasion.   What about equipment and rentals or even how do you go about getting product or sponsors to attend? 
While I do not have any of these answers, I do know that there are trade show and convention general contracting services that can offer show organizers and exhibitors unique and cost effective solutions.

There are actually a service where you will experience the best of “both worlds” – A General Service Contractor with leading industry resources nationwide, AND a partner who will provide the personal attention that you deserve and it currently serves more than 300 events nationwide to take most of the worry or stress from you during the whole experience. 

You also get house graphics department makes the design process easy and offers all the technology that you have come to expect. Online Exhibitor Kits, Web-Based Graphic Approvals, Real Time Shipment Tracking, Same Day Floor-plan Changes and so much more!

The trade show decorating companies reduce cost by paying for your event, not everyone elses and they stock only the equipment that customers need, not the extravagant inventory & layers of management Mega Shows require.

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