Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing By Joe Sinkwitz Review

The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing by [Sinkwitz, Joe]
The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing 
by Joe Sinkwitz

Have you ever wondered how that Instagram model is able to afford the seemingly endless luxuries in all the photos she posts?

Have you ever wished that it was you getting all those products and being paid all that money?

Have you ever thought that you simply wish she was promoting your product?

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing satisfies all three of these questions, by providing an in-depth look at the business world of influencers, how to use them for your business, and how to become one yourself. Written by digital marketing industry veteran Joe Sinkwitz, CEO of Intellifluence with a foreword by Copypress CEO Dave Snyder, you’ll learn how to create influencer campaigns for your brand or agency from scratch and how influencers can grow their audiences to full potential over 29 actionable chapters.

Cassandra's review-  I had mixed feelings while reading this book because it was filled with name drops and had an overall feel of advertising and pushing of the authors company along with his favorite people.  The information in between the references and added analytics, was very useful but I also read a few places where I would not agree.

 Overall I would say that this book is getting a good portion of influencer marketing under wraps and would be helpful to a newer brand or influencer.  I also happen to be a member of the authors website and use the service he talks about which is where the opportunity to review the book was given to me.  The site is flooded with brands wanting Amazon reviews and most ask for then to be positive.  Other brands want work for little or nothing in exchange, like a product you could never really need or spammy links to be added for a lowball amount of money.

 It is hard for an influencer to find work, but even harder for them to be treated fairly and I feel like when a CEO plainly tells a brand to adjust the amounts of fairness for each influencer or circumstance that it seems a little off putting, Granted everyone needs to makes money, but expecting someone to take less than you would offer someone else is unbelievable.
I also feel like if you are going to promote micro influencers but at the same time tell your clients to pick higher engaging influencers there is something unsettling.  To me this may just be a case of another person trying to get ahead in the world and using a group of others to do so.  I will lastly point out that the author is extremely smart and very valuable to the influencer marketing world as well as a product reviewer so he does know both ends of the spectrum, but I can tell this just from reading the book because I do not personally know him.

I received a complimentary copy and compensation.

About the Author

Joe Sinkwitz is an executive, author, father, and husband, living in perpetually sunny Scottsdale, AZ. Holding dual bachelors of science degrees in Management Information Systems and Operations Management from the University of Arizona and a MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, he takes an analytical approach to the softer side of the persuasive sciences and matches it with the technological flair that comes with his 20+ year involvement in digital marketing.

 Focusing primarily in competitive search marketing (Principal of Digital Heretix), content marketing (Advisor/Board member and former CRO of CopyPress), and influencer marketing (CEO of Intellifluence) over the course of his career and having worked with tens of thousands of clients, websites, and internal projects, he brings that background and distills it publicly for the first time in The Ultimate Guide to Using Influencer Marketing. 

When he's not speaking internationally on a broad swath of digital marketing topics, he can be commonly found pretending to work out while in the office, badgering employees at 5am with "brilliant" ideas, and beating bemused strangers in nacho eating contests.

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