Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation by Marsha Trimble Dunstan Review

The Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation: A Simple, Step-by-Step Process to Biblical Interpretation
by Marsha Trimble Dunstan

Simple, Dynamic Plan and Comprehensive Dictionary for Dream Interpretation

Too often, books on dream interpretation can wander off into complicated interpretation techniques, clinical language, or an incomplete "CliffsNotes" set of information. With wit and warmth, dream interpretation expert Marsha Trimble Dunstan gives readers a truly simple, comprehensive, and biblical approach to interpreting their dreams.

Thoroughly grounding her teaching in Scripture, Dunstan lays out a concise four-step process for straightforward interpretation and then gives a wealth of real, modern-day examples of dreams and their interpretations. Included at the end is one of the most extensive dream symbol dictionaries on the market, with over 3,800 entries, all with biblical references.

If you're serious about discerning what God is saying to you through your dreams, this dynamic book is sure to become a well-used staple next to your bedside, providing you with the practical tools you need night after night.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- A tiny bit of a let down because I wanted really good meanings and helpful interpretations or like a dream dictionary.   The book has a straight biblical feel to it and is only basing dreams how the scriptures would interpret them.  I guess although I do have faith, I just wanted something more from this and it just did not hit the mark of other books on dreams that I have read.   I would recommend this to a Christian person of any age that will abide by and not feel crucified for dreaming about certain things.   

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