Thursday, April 19, 2018

Who is Adrian Rubin and what is Tech?

Of course in this day and age many of you are already reading this on a device connected somehow to the internet.  Others might be reading this as a print out from one of your closest friends or a family member and that is great.   If you have ever listened to the radio or played a video game on a TV, you have already encountered tech.   How about software, video games, cell phones, the internet and computer programming?  Yes.  Well tech can have different meanings such as:

Tech as defined through dictionary dot com


1. technical: The engineers sat together exchanging tech talk.

2. technology: the tech industry.


3. a technician: He's a tech for a film crew.

4. technology: She has a good grasp of computer tech.

Moving forward we now know what tech means, but now I would like to introduce to you a man named Adrian Rubin.  He is brilliant and a real asset to the tech world.

 From his biography I can tell you that had an interest in technology for as long as he could remember. He was intrigued by software, video games, cell phones, the internet and computer programming. He attended college and eventually earned his Masters degree. He enjoyed his field of work until something happened that changed his life. Adrian discovered the Internet of Things.  He received an excellent opportunity to work for a prominent technological research firm due to some of his research that had been published. This was when he became involved in testing the analytics and security required for IoT applications.

Adrian refers to the Internet of Things as the fourth industrial revolution. He feels this technology is capable of permanently disrupting the current technological environment. He believes artificial intelligence will become common practice in the future. He envisions a world where automation takes much of the burden off mankind. He is continuing his research yet every question he answers leads to ten more. The more he learns the more he wants to know. He believes the capabilities of technology will advance more quickly as time passes. That what is considered improbable or even impossible now will become a commonality in the future.

One of Adrian’s greatest strengths is he never gives up. He does not believe there is a question without an answer or a problem without a solid solution. As he continues to find some of the solutions to push technology forward he is always thinking about what is possible next.


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