Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Recovery Village and Bob

I have a story to share with you today.  Once upon a time there was a young child that lived with his grandparents for six months and his mom for six months out of every year.  During that time he had to go to several different schools and was never quite caught up in his studies. Today we will can him Bob.  Bob tried as hard as he could to make friends and learn to study on his own.  Bob felt abandoned and lonely though and most time he just wanted to blend in to the walls or try to runaway.   Bob's mother was single, never married and had a lot of men friends, which she choose to keep along with a nasty drug habit. 
Colorado Rehab
I tell you this because Bob paid for that with being brought up in six months of pure terror and sadness out of every year.   As Bob got older he decided that after seeing how excited and happy his mom was that he would follow in her tracks and by his fourth high school he had dropped out, found a gang and started his own forms of unhealthy substance abuse tactics. 

One day after being hospitalized for the third time for these addictions Bob decided that this was not the way to go. He had suffered through loss.  Bob's  mom as well as grandparents had already died and he saw the light in his ways.   Bob was down on his luck, but feeling hopeful and decided to go to the Colorado drug rehab facility.   Bob was going to be ok and you can be to, just make the decision to get help and get over the pain of embarrassment or worse that could be in your future.  Help a loved one if you see them slipping and reach out to others , if you feel that it is safe.   Be a beacon like Bob's light and be aware.

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