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Austin's Paranormal feature

Austin’s Best Haunted Buildings

Naturally, America’s weirdest city would also have some of the weirdest attractions. While every city boasts its own haunted attractions, not everyone can claim to be home to one of the most brutal massacres of history. Austin’s Shoal Creek is widely recognized as one of Texas’s most violent and haunted attractions and continues to attract historians and thrill seekers alike.

Let’s explore some of the most haunted Austin real estate.

Oakwood Cemetery

What is paranormal without a cemetery? Over a span of 40 acres, 23,000 individuals are laid out to rest...or not rest. Two specific ghosts that the adventurous seek here are General Sam Houston and a 5 year old child’s grave who had a bronze statue placed on his tombstone, which supposedly quickly turned black. It is believed that the palms of the statue are face down at night but face up during the day. It inspired and haunted residents so much that they named the site black Jesus.

2. The Driskill Hotel

Photo via Flickr by Matt Squirrell

Elegant on the outside and horrific on the inside, this hotel is not your ordinary tower of terror. According to some reports, mysterious noises linger throughout the halls of this hotel. A portrait of a little girl hangs in the lobby, but this little girl is not really a little girl but a spirit, who lounges near the stairs. According to legend, she fell down the grand staircase and still haunts that very same staircase to this day.

Inside the hotel there were also two suicides, in the same room, 20 years apart to the day. What’s even creepier is that they were both brides staying in the hotel. They married death in that hotel. Without a doubt hanging here for too long will surely give you goosebumps.

3. Shoal Creek Indian Massacre Site

As previously mentioned, this site is widely regarded as one of the spookiest and horrific in all of Texas’s history. The house on this site is full of unknown entities and was used as a burial ground for slaughtered Native American residents. Don’t go there past 10pm, as some claim that you will likely not return.

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