Monday, April 16, 2018

10 Tips for Every Consultant

So you are already a consultant or would like to become one and that is wonderful, I am so glad that you decided to stop by and take the time to read my tips.  I am randomly placing ten of the best tips that I can find on the internet and including my opinions as well, so as always if you feel like there is a tip that you would like to comment on feel free to follow up on the comment section below.

Being a consultant can mean a lot of different things and many people do it without even knowing they are, but the professionals can get paid a lot, and even more importantly your needed and trusted.

 10.  Trust-  We all know trust works both ways, but you have to allow the brand a way to visibly see that you can be trusted to take on their needs.

9. Opportunity-  Take the time to really get to know the obstacle you are challenged with consulting , and stay ahead of the knowledge because you will need everything in your arsonal to be a good consultant no matter what field or branch you choose.

8.  Honesty-  Be honest with yourself and client because if you get over achiever skills in your head or feel that you can overtake a project then this can become problematic if you do not follow through or drop the ball.

7.  Read books- Seriously take the time to read books that can help and guide you.  Yes the internet is an easy resource but an actual book can be taken where the wifi can not.

6.  Follow your own lead- Once you know what you need to do to pursue your job, make sure you listen to your gut and really follow what you think is right because in the end you are the only one that takes the fall if something is not correct.
5.  Detail-  This is a huge factor when presenting and doing your job. Being present in the moment and paying attention to every detail will pay off and make your client's happier.

4.  Mix up your skills-  It is important not to focus on just one skill when being a consultant you need to be on top of the current needs and hone into ways that will make you rise above the rest so you can easily develop better insights for the client.

3. Questions-  The asking of questions is must and you should not shy away from doing so. You need to give the brand or client anything they need but be able to pick better options, at the same time while creating an atmosphere that is beneficial to everyone.

2.  Problem Solve-  Best if you are already a natural problem solver but if you need to practice this, it is a major thing to acheive.  It can get you out of a bind and keep the client happy.

1.  Thinking -  I know this sounds like a common sense tip, but most people will actually not bother to stop and think before talking and as a consultant this is going to be a great thing to practice.  You need to be able to humble yourself to others needs and think inside your head before getting ahead.


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