Thursday, March 29, 2018

CosyKiller Subscription box Review

Love Murder Mysteries? Try the Cosy Killer Subscription box!
Once a month you will receive a subscription box in the post filled with cryptic clues and an enticing storyline to keep you guessing.
This is what I received in Box 1.

CosyKiller is an annual murder mystery subscription box delivered directly to your door. Each box is packed with vintage memorabilia, keepsakes and intrigue.  Although you can pay as you go – we recommend you start with box 1!  If you buy the annual subscription you can start anytime and you will always receive box 1 as your first box.

Each story lasts a year.  This means each box only contains part of the puzzle.  You’ll need a full year to solve the case.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's review- I knew that I would be reviewing a box, but I had no idea about anything that would be arriving.   Yesterday I was on the phone and the mail came. I go out can check it come back and notice a box, which had the label on it from an inheritance recovery firm.   I was still on the phone talking to one of my older kids and I am like trying to figure out what in the world I inherited.

 I am like wow finally I am going to be able to help my kids and family or maybe like a rich uncle was finding me.   Now at this point I pull out the letter and while reading it outloud, I am like wait a minute I bet this like the spammer emails from the prince of wherever and immediately I deflated.  I took out the book, which was wrapped up and then I saw the post card alerting me this was the CosyKiller box 1 mystery.  Now it all made sense and really if your not expecting this to come, like say it was gifted to someone there may be a moment when they actually believe they finally got a break.

  So I open the package and there is a new journal made to look old, but the pages are like laminated and then burned in some way that created a black soot that got all over my hands, so not sure if that's the way to go as obviously by this point I knew it was a prop anyway and it just made the experience feel messy.   I actually did not even bother to read it, because it is so messy to say it politely.

I started my research of course the first thing I look for is the price of this box, well there is no mystery as to its super high cost and being a subscription, the only way to find out the answer is to buy it. One full year is almost 400.00 and seriously I could not even afford to care who did what for the that price.

There are people out there that can seriously afford to take on this mystery, but do not be super excited to get the items, while I did not receive any more boxes, in my opinion if they arrive in this condition, I would not be impressed. 

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